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As most students we entered bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to leave our footprints in the sand. But in such a diverse field of study as an undergraduate its overwhelming when you ask what or where will this journey take us. My fellow students and friends having long discussions while walking the beach or taking a study break seemed to have a consensus about a special species to engage with. It was agreed when we became Seniors and formed solid bonds, we would love to study and devote our post graduate work to a sea animal we all felt a spiritual or some kind of emotional connection with.


And if your reading this as a Sea Turtle lover we are sure you understand its an indescribable almost motherly attachment to ensure their safety and security as a vulnerable beautiful creature who needs our immediate attention. And learning Sea Turtles have been around for 120 million years and rapidly becoming close to extinction. Based on the fact the Sea Turtles have inhabited the earth for 55 million more years than the dinosaurs they are in our group considered a natural treasure that has no limits on resources to save these creatures.


Our venture then began in 2017 in San Diego USA to do our part as best as we can on a volunteer basis (calling in IT and international procurement students as compassionate volunteers ) with a limited grant we began our online fundraising. We have over the years at times disposed of some websites and reinvested to create better and more cost effective ways of selling online and thus raising donations. On each new start up it can be a nail biting discouraging time as the fact is how will people find us and our products. However it all has a way of working itself out as our Senior Graduates move on and our rotating legacy is genius in spreading the word and many thanks to our amazing product procurement volunteers. Each year the legacy has become stronger as the new Seniors wishing to participate in our project exceed our current needs. 

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The field of marine biology:

Or becoming a marine biologist sounds fascinating, doesn't it? What's involved in marine biology, or becoming a marine biologist? First, it's important to understand what, exactly, makes up the marine biology branch of science.

Marine biology is the scientific study of plants and animals that live in salt water. When many people think about a marine biologist, they picture a dolphin trainer. But marine biology is so much more than making a dolphin -- or sea lion -- follow commands. With the oceans covering over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and providing habitat for thousands of species, marine biology is a very broad field. It involves a strong knowledge of all science along with principles of economics, legal matters, and conservation.



A minimum of a bachelor’s degree with courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and zoology is required. Many employer’s prefer an applicant have a master’s degree specializing in marine biology and aquatic studies or courses in your specific focus of interest. It is also becoming more common to be asked for a doctorate degree.

Interested Just Like we are ?

If you’re interested in pursuing marine biology or any kind of bio diversity study, We would encourage everybody to just get out and walk around and observe the environment. Take the time to stop, look, and ask questions. The fun part about science is that we’re still finding and learning and discovering new things about the ocean about almost any place on the planet and so there’s a lot of opportunity to explore.


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Seaxox.com Spring Update: April 20, 2020 

Seaxox.com is comprised of Senior Student Conversationalists who are fully funded and sponsored by way of Marine Biology Student Grants.

We are pleased that we have been able to once again divest some online properties, this was in order to procure funding to help us achieve our dominant position in the online ocean jewelry fund raising. For our future plans as per our 1st Quarter update to become self sustainable with a net zero financial non profitable status in the 3rd quarter of 2020. 

After a successful 2019 which saved over 4000 Sea Turtle Hatchling's by way of our donations directly attributed to our website network sales we have now expanded our online presence. This is in order to ensure affordability of our products to our purchasers we consider partners, and increase our donations using scale ability to reduce anticipated shipping cost increases and keep availability of products at 2019 pricing.

We are pleased to post our initial progress update for 2020 as we embark on another year of Ocean Conservation awareness and new ventures for Collaboration with our fellowships in Canada and Australia. 

To the north we shall be working with the wild Salmon tagging program in British Columbia which we are very pleased to be a part of. We will be working with the Ministry of Natural Resources to gain data to understand the sustainability of this resource and population decline.

Our Australia collaboration will be the study of migration patterns with tagging initiatives,and rejuvenation efforts of the existing safe nesting zones of the Olive Ridley Turtle and the Loggerhead Turtle.

This will be an exciting year and all expenses for student travel and accommodation will be paid for by the students collectively with an opt out option for these travels. Travel expenditures will not be reimbursed in order to reserve funds to help expand online jewelry sales, and cover interim expenditures for expansion of our online presence.

Our revised goal due to the Covid 19 Virus has as with others affected our sales and as such we have revised our plan to become self sustainable with a net zero financial non profitable status in the 3rd quarter of 2020 to the 1st quarter of 2021. At such time we shall assess our goal to form a sustainable 501(c) nonprofit to continue saving sea and ocean life.

Our Q1 Revised Commenced on Launch of this domain as of May 1, 2020 and 20% of net proceeds after expenses are donated to charities directly involved with Sea Turtle Conservation and posted on the 90 day period end of the quarter on this website.August 31st.  As the Covid 19 Pandemic has greatly diminished many Charities abilities to sustain themselves we will prudently donate to those Charities whose directors salaries do not rely on donations to ensure all contributions are allocated to Turtle Conservation.


Team Seaxox.com San Diego USA